What are U Values of Insulation?

What are U Values of Insulation?

What are U Values?

U Values are used to measure the thermal transmittance rate of heat through matter, such as a ceiling or a wall. The U Value is measured in units of W/m²·K and will allow specifiers to correctly determine which products are suitable for their projects.

The lower the U Value, the better the insulation is in the product. The most important use of the U Value is to adhere to Building Regulations / Standards.

Why Do We Use Them?

We use U Values to ensure that our rooms retain as much heat as possible without losing it through walls, floors and ceilings. Also, and most importantly, certain U Values have to be achieved to adhere to current Building Regulations / Standards.

Why Choose Our Range?

Our range of insulation pads have all the technical data needed including the U Value and R Value ratings. The pads are created from only the most widely renowned brands of insulation which make them high quality and reliable products.

For more information on U Values and to request technical data on our range of products, please email us today at sales@thermaphon.co.uk.