Reducing Heat Loss From Suspended Ceilings

Reduce Heat Loss In Your Suspended Ceiling

losing heat through your suspended ceiling can result in increased energy bills, cold rooms and frustration. A suspended ceiling system is made up of metal tee bars and generally either mineral fibre tiles, metal tiles or spun rock wool tiles. These tiles do have a thermal rating which can be either very low for the standard tiles, or can be rather good on your expensive premium ceiling tiles.

Many people tend to look at swapping out there existing, old and well worn tiles for new expensive ones to try and retain heat, and from our experience, this is not the right move as ceiling tiles are not specifically designed as a thermal insulater meaning you could be wasting money and time on doing so. 

That is why thermal insulation pads were created to stop excess heat leaving your room, meaning less heating is required, and your rooms stay warmer for longer.

Why Choose Our Range?

Our range of polythene encapsulated insulation pads are manufactured using Isover Space Saver glass mineral fibre roll. A1 fire rating insulation, made of recycled products.

The insulation is then totally encapsulated in 200g polythene (Vapour Checked to BS 2972 / 1989) and heat sealed. This method of encapsulation provides a completely safe and environmentally friendly product, and does not detract from any of the raw materials properties, thermal or acoustic.
If the finished product needs to be cut etc on site then the normal precautions for handling the glassfibres must be adhered to.

Individual COSH sheets are available on all of our products.

Fire performance, insulation: Classified as none-combustible when tested in
accordance with BS 476: part 4: 1970 (1984)

Orange flame retardant pads are also available, as has recently been
specified in a large supermarket chain refurbishment.

Acoustic Performance

Rock Mineral Fibre insulation pads when used in conjunction with mineral
fibre suspended ceilings can dramatically reduce sound breakout.
Typically a 50mm 45 kg/m3 pad correctly installed can achieve a upto 45db
rating and a 50mm 60 kg/m3 pad can achieve upto a 48db overall rating,
with a 100mm acoustic pad being able to offer upto 70db overall, in conjunction with
a mineral tile ceiling.

Obviously different combinations and thicknesses can achieve different
overall performances.

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