How To Install Suspended Ceiling Insulation Pads

How To Install Suspended Ceiling Insulation Pads

Our range of insulation pads are specifically made to be easily installed in your suspended ceiling system. You do not need to be a professional ceiling fitter in order to install these correctly. If you are wanting to install these yourself, then please see below for guidance;

  1. Access – Safetly and carefully remove the ceiling tile to the left or right of the tile that you would like to have insulation above, the reason we move the tiles around the one you would like to insulate is so we can easily place the insulation above.
  2. Preparation – Simply pull your insulation pad through the gap in your ceiling.
  3. Installation – Now place the insulation pad on top of the ceiling tile ensuring that it is covering the surface to reduce any gaps.

Please see the below image that will deminstrate how the insulation pads should sit;

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