Insulation for your ceilings

Our range of insulation pads will retain heat in your rooms and also kep cold out. We also have acoustic and flame retardant insulation.

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Easy installation

Our range of insulation pads are designed to be easy to install as they simply slot on top of your suspended ceiling tiles.

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insulation bags installed in ceiling
Insulation pads in suspended ceiling


Our insulation pads are light weight meaning they are perfectly suited for installation above your suspended ceiling system.

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Heat Retaining

Designed to keep heat in and cold out, our insulation pads will ensure that your rooms retain as much heat as possible so that you are not wasting valuable energy.

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Just A few reasons to use thermaphon

Energy Saving

Our insulation pads are designed to keep heat in meaning that they reduce the need to heat the room which in returns saves you money on your heating costs.

Quality Sourced Materials

Our products are made with only the best insulating materials that are sourced specifically

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